Fire fully engulfs house in Monroe County

Fire fully engulfs house in Monroe County. (Brandon Woodruff)

MONROE COUNTY, Ga -- Captain Shane Cook with Monroe County Emergency services said a house in Monroe County off of Highway 42 was fully engulfed in flames when crews arrived. Drone video shot by retired firefighter Brandon Woodruff shows how intense the fire was.

"We did have volunteer fire-fighters from High Falls and Johnsonville Road as well as full-time Monroe County Firefighters and EMS at this scene," Captain Cook said.

Captain Cook said they had to fight the fire defensively, and the house is a total loss.

"Fire investigators have been to the scene, and they don't suspect anything suspicious and they believe the fire got started by a motorcycle that caught fire in the garage," said Captain Cook.

The owner of the home, Tim Singletary wasn't home at the time of the fire, but his daughter Jessica McDowell said if it had been an hour earlier it would have been a different story.

"I talked to my dad like an hour ago, and he said he had not long took a nap, and if he would have been in there when the smoke took over or anything, who knows if he would've woke up. It could have been so much worse," said McDowell.

She said her dad's dog was in the house at the time of the fire.

"Because I asked him what was the first thing you thought when you pulled up," McDowell said. "He said, 'where's Rocky?'"

Luckily someone driving by stopped and kicked the door in, letting Rocky escape. McDowell said she's grateful.

"I think that some regular citizen just going down the road stopped and risked their life to come up to this door to make sure that Rocky could be saved, that's a huge blessing, and I know my dad is forever grateful," she said.

McDowell said the house is only material. She said they're going to rally around her father, and help him get through the loss of his house.

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