Firefighters fight back against June sun heat

Barmel Lyons WGXA

MACON, Ga.- Firefighters have to deal not only with the raging fire heat, but the June summer heat on a daily basis.

Training Fire Chief Rico Stephen's says it’s important for firefighters to take breaks and hydrate.

During those breaks, firefighters are monitored and their blood pressure and heart rate are checked to ensure it is at normal limit before and after entry into a home.

During summer, it's very easy for air bottles which hold their oxygen supply to be used quicker than the average so during summer months. They may have to reboot on air supply more often than not due to the over working of their lungs.

If firefighters feel drained or affected by the heat, they want them to immediately notify an individual in charge and get assistance.

But staying hydrated and staying cool is not only important for firefighters but you at home as well. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention to stay cool:

  • 1. When planning outdoor activities schedule them carefully and pick the coolest time to go out like either the morning or evening hours.
  • 2. Wear lightweight light colored clothing.
  • 3. Stay indoors in the air condition much as possible.
  • 4. Keep in mind that electrical fans may provide comfort, but when the temperature is in the high 90's they will not prevent heat related illnesses.
  • 5. Lastly sunscreen, a sunburn will affect your body’s ability to cool down and make you dehydrated.

Put on SPF 15 or higher 30 minutes prior to going out and continue to reapply it according to the package directions.

And here is a cool tip look for sunscreen that says 'Broad Spectrum' or 'UVA/UVB Protection' on their labels these products work best.

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