First responders, law enforcement train for disasters in Middle Georgia

    Matt Mackie (WGXA)<p>{/p}

    PERRY, Ga. -- First responders and law enforcement from around the country came to middle Georgia on Wednesday to train for disaster response.

    At the Guardian Centers, they run through many different scenarios -- things like earthquakes, active shooter situations and car crashes. The one focused on Wednesday was the hurricane scenario.

    Officials filled a pool with 5.5 million gallons of water. They submerged vehicles, houses -- and they ran very intense simulations to train law enforcement and first responders on how to react in a situation like this, where you get devastating flooding brought on by a hurricane.

    WGXA spoke with the head of a relief organization that's also seeking to provide assistance in these situations -- Shawn Boudreaux, president of Cajun Navy relief.

    "It's a drill for us," he said. "It's an opportunity to work for our techniques, practice our incident command. It's another incident for us to practice the skills that we are learning voluntarily. Other organizations have this built in, first responders do this. We're learning to do this and we're working with them."

    Members of the Cajun Navy volunteered their own time and resources including boats to make these kinds of operations happen. Boudreaux said his volunteers make a difference.

    "I got heavily involved with [Hurricane] Harvey, did a lot of rescues in Harvey. We've been to every hurricane since then," said member Chaz Jackson. "It's what we should do to help one another. When the fire departments are overbooked, when the police departments are overbooked, they gotta have extra help, there we are. We come in, we help out."

    In addition to these scenarios that they run for the first responders, they have drones and balloons that go up to 100,000 feet to provide cellular and internet service in affected disaster areas.

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