Former employee of Macon youth nonprofit ordered to pay $56,860 in restitution

Phyllis Denise Wallace/Bibb County Sheriff's Office

MACON, Ga. -- Phyllis Denise Wallace, 45, of Lizella, pleaded guilty to 70 counts of theft by taking on Thursday, Feb. 8.

According to a release from the office of the district attorney, Wallace is a former employee of a Macon nonprofit youth program called the Motivating Youth Foundation and has been ordered to pay $56,860 in restitution to the organization.

The release states that Roger Jackson, a former NFL player and the founder of the nonprofit, found check's missing from its checkbook. A subsequent investigation showed that unauthorized charges had been billed to the nonprofit's debit card.

Jackson said that enrollment in the program has been reduced since the embezzlement began, and that his nonprofit wasn't able to continue giving the same number of scholarships.

According to the release, Wallace was sentenced to serve 15 years, three of them in prison, in addition to paying restitution.

Prosecutor Pam White-Colbert was going to present evidence showing that Wallace had been a trusted employee who had access to the nonprofit's financial accounts from 2013-2014, if the case had gone to trial.

Speaking after the hearing, Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney David Cooke said, “Ms. Wallace was a trusted employee who broke that trust when she stole from children. Now she’ll have three years to think about her crimes and another 12 years to pay restitution.”

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