Fort Valley group promotes unity and success for children in low income housing

Third annual Unity in the Community was held in the Tabor Circle neighborhood. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA) 

FORT VALLEY, Ga. -- A group in Fort Valley headed back to their old neighborhood to show kids there is life beyond poverty with the third annual "Unity in the Community" event.

Children danced and played games like football out on the large field in Tabor Circle in Fort Valley Saturday. Guest speakers were also there to talk to the children about their future.

Grandmother Andrea Felton said with no basketball courts or playgrounds in the low income neighborhood, creating unity among the children is important.

"Interact with each other, there for when they move out of the projects they are going to remember 'hey I remember you here, I remember you there' because that is what it's all about, bringing them together so they can grow up together and do things together," said Felton.

Growing up in Tabor Circle Daryl Thomas remembers all he had was the neighborhood kids.

Three years ago he reunited with his childhood friends and decided they would give back to their old stomping grounds.

"A lot of people in low income homes think that the projects is all there is, there is life outside of the projects, myself and a couple of guys on the committee we joined the military and came back home, so we just come back so we don't forget where we came from," said Thomas.

Since then every year the group puts on the Unity in The Community event.

Saturday afternoon Fort Valley leaders like the mayor, police officers and professors spoke to the children about striving to do better.

"If you get the mayor, people like the professors at the college it kind of lets the kids know that I can be what the person is one day that's why we try to get people in those leadership positions," Thomas said.

Fort Valley Mayor Barbara Williams said It's up to them to keep children off the streets and away from violence.

"It's always important to mentor young people because they need to see us as an example, the life that we live is an example of what they can become. It's important that we show that," said Williams.

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