FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: Cold air moves into Georgia this weekend


MACON, Ga. -- A cold front will push through Middle Georgia on Sunday that will bring our temperatures even lower.

This will be the first of two cold fronts that will bring down our temperatures to potentially record breaking lows. Dry air will prevent us from seeing any snow or sleet over the next couple weeks.

Friday and Saturday will be mild with highs in the 50's and sunny skies. Sunday is when we will begin to see the big changes. A strong cold front will push through dropping our temperatures by as much as ten degrees.

When the clock strikes midnight and we reach 2018 the temperatures are likely to be in the lower 30's or upper 20's. Monday afternoon will touch the mid 40's before we drop into the mid 20's for that night. The mid 20's will be the norm for multiple days after the start of the work week.

If these temperatures stay with the current prediction we will see the coldest 7-day stretch since 2001! Middle Georgia could see some relief in a week and a half from the record low temperatures. A steady south wind will bring up our temperatures a bit, but we will still be below average for the first half of January.

Stay with us on-air and on our website for the latest on these chilly conditions.

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