Friends and family say goodbye in Dooly County

Friends and family say goodbye in Dooly County. Claudia Coco / WGXA News

DOOLY COUNTY, Ga -- Friends and family said goodbye to 60-year-old Willie Merrell and 47-year-old Priscilla Adams on Saturday. Both passed away in the deadly Dooly County shootings Thursday.

Willie Merrell also known as "Shine" was known as a hard-working man committed to the vegetable hustle.

"His M-O was basically work, and try to make a living," Cousin Willie Hardrick said. "And you know that's basically the foundation of the Merrell's."

Hardrick said he looks back fondly on their time growing up together.

"We all got together every summer, after school," Hardrick said. "We would all get together, we'd work. We'd get on his truck, my daddy's truck, my uncle's truck, and go to the tomato fields, and peach fields because that was the way of living down here."

People said Merrell was a shy man, but Hardrick said he will be missed by his family, which is something Hardrick wants Wille to know.

"We love you, we miss you, and we do know someday that we will see you again," Hardrick said.

Priscilla Adams was also laid to rest on Saturday. Earl Clark has known Priscilla since she was young.

"Well I would describe her as a hardworking person," Clark said. "She loved her family, she loved her kids, she took care of them pretty good, and she was a decent person."

Clark said Adams' murder left Byromville shaken, and he hopes they have some answers soon.

"I would tell her that I hope she could be at peace, and that we could find the person that did that tragedy and for the family to get that closure," Clark said.

Willie Merrell's death has not yet been ruled a homicide or a suicide, Adams' death has been ruled a homicide. The GBI and Dooly County Sheriff's Office have not released any new information about the case.

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