Funds approved for Poplar Street Commons


MACON, Ga. -- Macon-Bibb Commissioners approved $150,000 of SPLOST funds for the construction of Poplar Street Commons on Tuesday.

This comes after public outcry over the idea of serving alcohol in Rosa Parks Square. Poplar Street Commons was suggested as an alternative for a venue.

The project is an expansion of the open space in the median of Poplar St. in downtown Macon.

The lone vote against the move come from Mayor Pro Tem Bert Bivins. He said Poplar St. shouldn't move forward without simultaneous progress of the improvements at Rosa Parks Square.

Mayor Robert Reichert said they haven't lost sight of Rosa Parks.

"We haven't given up on that either," Reichert said. "They're supposed to happen together and be done at the same time. The problem is trying to accumulate the sales tax dollars if we use SPLOST - special purpose local sales tax dollars - to fund them."

The long term plan for the commons involves removing parking spaces to expand the median outwards.

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