Furnace and gas water heater program available for some seniors


MACON, Ga. -- Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols spoke with WGXA about the upcoming low temperatures in middle Georgia.

He gave advice on what people should be doing right now to prepare and information on what assistance is available for families, especially senior citizens.

Seniors 65 and older may qualify for gas furnace and gas water heater repairs.

You must own and live in the home and meet program and financial guidelines.

"You know a lot people struggle this time of year," Echols said. "The bills add up. They get behind with the gas company or the power company, and you need to call those companies and tell them you're in trouble. Make arrangements with them. They will make arrangements. They will let you pay that over time but you must talk to them and whatever arrangement you make you must pay because the next step will be for it to be turned off and then there won't be anything that me or anyone else can do to help you."

He added Georgia Power's Pay In Advance program can save users up to 10 percent per month on bills. If you've currently got the variable natural gas rate, you can save by locking in the rate right now while gas is historically affordable.

For more information, contact HopeWorks at 404-872-0167.

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