Future meteorologist overcomes fear of storms to become weather expert

WGXA meteorologist meets with aspiring teen weather expert Jacob Sendek/Matt Mackie (WGXA)

MACON COUNTY, Ga. -- Imagine overcoming a fear of storms and wanting to become a meteorologist.

As long as Jacob Sendek's father can remember, his son has been obsessed with the weather. There's been some ups and downs, however, since the ninth grader has had to face his fear of storms.

"He started reading books. He asked for a library card, we were thinking 'what could he possibly want to read?' He checked out books on climatology! We were like 'alright, this is different'," said Joe Sendek.

Jacob said that learning about the weather was the only way to get over his intense fear as a child.

He said, "They just made me antsy. Like, if you don't know what's happening, you're more likely to freak out!"

Now Jacob uses his knowledge to run his "Central Georgia Weather" pages on Facebook and Twitter.

"I'm trying to get a big following to alert people, I'm trying to be like you guys at WGXA. I'm trying to alert people when there's a warning or when there's rotation or something like that," he said.

The young meteorologist already has plans on how to make his dreams come true.

Jacob attends the Georgia Cyber Academy for now and has big plans for his future "Next stop is UGA or a university with a good weather program. And then probably either try to come back to WGXA or the National Weather Service! Those are the next two steps," said Jacob.

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