Georgia College kicks off Constitution Week celebrations

Georgia College kicks off Constitution Week celebrations / Perry Smith (WGXA)

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. -- A Middle Georgia is bringing history to the forefront this week through their Constitution Week celebrations.

Activities are planned through Friday that include debates the discussions over topic like campus carry, freedom of speech and the death penalty.

Trent Nicholas, a Georgia College sophomore, said he thinks Constitution Week is important for everyone.

"Well for me it's really important because I get to get involved with other students who love politics and have love for this country, but for my friends it's important to bring them to this world of things I learn about everyday like, here's the Constitution, here's how great it is and events are sponsored by the school with debates and lively forums and we can talk about things that matter to me and them, really," he said.

Constitution Week initially began as a way to teach students about the signing of the Constitution.

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