Georgia College says campus project also helps local economy

    Miles Garrett (WGXA)

    MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. -- A project is underway in Milledgeville to improve Georgia College's facilities.

    Terrell Hall, one of the oldest buildings on campus, is getting a makeover. It's currently going through a $13 million renovation that also includes Killpatrick Hall.

    University architect Michael Rickenbaker said that Terrell Hall has never been renovated and that the project will help not only the school, but also the local economy.

    "It's not all in economics, although that is great benefit. But also as a community, we all benefit from seeing a building that was not as well-utilized and not in as good a shape as it could be returned to," Rickenbaker said.

    Rickenbaker added that many of the workers have moved into the Milledgeville area, and their contributions to the area have helped local businesses.

    Terrell Hall will house the school's communication department as well as student publications. It's part of a large scale renovation going across the entire campus. Instead of putting new buildings in place, school officials think it was a better idea to take advantage of the university's unique style.

    "You want to maintain the heritage that you have, as far as these buildings, and you're not going design and build a building like we have Terrell Hall. It's a beautiful building, it sits on our front campus, it's a prominent building on our front campus. So from the benefit of maintaining the historical aspect of the building, and you're bringing along the history of the building and the people before and the generations before that used the building and you're setting it up for future generations to continue using," project manager Rick Ruark said.

    Construction is expected to be completed September 2019.

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