Georgia College settles with former student suing school for 'lying' about CNS degree


    MACON, Ga. -- Georgia State and University and a former student reached a settlement in Bibb County Court Tuesday after the student sued the school for allegedly "lying" to her about whether they could give her accredited degree.

    Noreen Peyatt reached a $125,000 settlement.

    Peyatt claimed she suffered "significant economic damages" because GCSU allegedly omitted the fact that they weren't accredited to give her Clinical Nurse Specialist certification.

    A jury was on hand Tuesday before the settlement was reached at the last second.

    Peyatt says she took classes at GCSU to prepare her to get her CNS certification. But when she went to take the exam, she was informed she couldn't because GCSU's program is not accredited.

    Witnesses who worked at the university say they knew at the time that GCSU didn't have an accredited CNS program. They assumed Peyatt already had it and didn't inform her that upon completing the courses.

    Although Peyatt was seeking $550,000 in emotional and economic damages -- as well as attorney's fees -- she told WGXA she is satisfied with the settlement and hopes this doesn't happen to any future or current students.

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