Georgia insured losses from Hurricane Irma tops $550 million

Georgia damage total from Hurricane Irma tops $550 million / WGXA

ATLANTA -- Estimated insured losses from Hurricane Irma in Georgia have increased to over $550 million, according to Insurance Commission Ralph Hudgens.

Insurers have reported over 103,000 claims filed since the storm hit over a month ago.

The damage estimate is based on claims data reported by insurance companies from damage to insured homes, businesses and vehicles. Flood damage to businesses and private dwellings are not represented in the over $550 million total.

“As part of our disaster recovery plan, my staff and I will continue to have conversations with claims managers of various insurance carriers to ensure a smooth claims process for the consumers of Georgia,” Hudgens said in a release.

The newly reported damage total is over $200 million more than what was reported by the commissioner's office on Sept. 28.

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