Georgia Military College celebrates Armstice Day for WWI

Perry Smith (WGXA)

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. -- Georgia Military College on Friday held a flag ceremony to celebrate Armistice Day for remembrance and a reminder of the significance of November 11.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 was when the war to end all wars -- World War I -- ended.

"There's such amazing hope in the world at that time in 1918," William Caldwell, president of Georgia Military College, said.

Caldwell said this was not just an opportunity to honor, but open the cadets eyes.

"It's such a unique anniversary," he said. "I'm not sure they know just the 10s of millions of men and women that were killed and wounded during that war."

Cadet Mark Bass was on the flag detail dressed as World War I soldiers, retiring a 48-star flag.

"It's really an honor to be wearing this uniform," Bass said. "I know a lot of good men served and died in this uniform."

He says he enjoyed the experience.

"It's kind of cool to see what it's like to be in their shoes just for a little bit," Bass said.

Caldwell says although 100 years later we're still fighting wars, our country marches forward.

"But yet our country continues to endure, move on," Caldwell said. "And protect our liberties and preserve our peace here."

A moment of silence was held after the ceremony. Armistice Day is officially on November 11.

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