'Missed so much': Support pours in from community for GMC student hit, killed by bus

    Georgia Military College student Logan Jones, 21, was hit by a bus Monday morning while riding a bike Hancock and Clarke Street/Jayla Whitfield (WGXA)

    MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. -- The Milledgeville community is still in shock after they lost one of their own in an accident early Monday.

    Since 21-year-old Logan Jones' passing, the community has shown their support. Jones was reportedly killed when a bus hit him at Hancock St. and Clarke St. as he was riding his bicycle.

    "I just think it could have been me. It could have been my friend it could of been my family. And just to think about what his family is going to go through, they're going to feel they're lost forever, and I feel it with them. The whole community does," Sam Atha said.

    Atha, a freshman at Georgia College, said he didn't know Jones, but he laid down flowers and a note in his memory. "I wrote that, I cried for him today and I'll never forget him," he said.

    Atha wants Jones to know that he won't be forgotten. "If he hears us he knows he's not ever going to be left out of the conversation for any reason. He's just as much apart of this community at Georgia College as he was at Georgia Military," he said.

    Austin Doyle met Logan and his twin brother years ago on the football field.

    "I always saw him riding around on campus on his bike. He was one of the most joyful humans I knew, honestly," Doyle said.

    Peers said Logan always rode his bike on campus, but Monday was different. Georgia State Patrol said the bus hit Jones Monday around 10:13 a.m. while riding a bike on Georgia College and State University's campus at Hancock St. and Clarke St.

    As the bus made a right onto Clarke St., Jones reportedly tried to cross the road. GSP said he was knocked from his bike and the bus then rolled over him. He was taken to Navicent Health, where he later died from his injuries.

    "I heard sirens and I live a couple of blocks down the road. And there was just so many sirens, I figured something had happened on campus. I wasn't sure what happened," said Doyle.

    Antha said he usually feels safe at the intersection where Jones lost his life doing an every day activity.

    "That's the scary part about it, you know? Like I said it, could have been me. You know, I walk this everyday and I've got to think about this now, got to think about someone from this community died there today, everyday. I'm going to remember it, not a doubt in my mind," he said.

    Doyle said he knows what it's like to have a twin and he hopes Logan's twin is okay. "I actually have a twin myself, a twin sister, and I couldn't imagine losing my better half," he said.

    The Jones family lost their better half today, and the Baldwin County community is mourning the loss of a young soul.

    "We're going to do everything we can for that family, everybody included, everybody on this campus, everybody at Georgia Military, everybody in Baldwin County more than likely. Because this shouldn't happen, 21 and gone. He's missed so much man," said Antha.

    Georgia Military College released a statement Monday afternoon about Jones, who was a a GMC Junior College student. The college added that Jones attended GMC Prep School and graduated from the John Milledge Academy, before he enrolled as a business major at the junior college.

    "Logan was a bright light on our campus and will truly be missed," GMC's statement said. "The entire Georgia Military College family offers our deepest condolences to the friends and family of Logan Jones."

    GMC said Jones had planned to transfer to Georgia College and State University upon earning his Associate Degree. "For GMC students affected by the loss of Logan, grief counseling is available upon request through our faculty," the college wrote.

    Georgia College and State University said grief counselors have been available since the accident happened. The university added it's also providing assistance with Georgia State Patrol's ongoing investigation.

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