Georgia Military College students draw to thank officers

A second person from Tuesday night’s wreck on Watson Boulevard in Warner Robins died Wednesday morning/Danielle Apolinar (WGXA)

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. -- Georgia Military College is taking the time to thank local law enforcement.

Throughout the week, GMC and GMC prep students presented law enforcement with lunches, presentations and even portraits.

GMC Prep Students collected law enforcement pictures, drew them and displayed them on campus. Several students drew pictures of fallen officer Christopher Monica.

GMC students say thanking law enforcement is the least they can do.

"Our law enforcement is really helpful to the whole community and I feel like it's our civic duty to give back to them as well," one student said. "I feel like GMC has done a good job at teaching me to give back to anyone who's helped me before."

Monica was killed last year when two inmates overpowered him and officer Curtis Billue.

Jobie Shields with GMC says Monica's daughter Zoey is a student at GMC Preparatory School.

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