Georgia Red Cross needs your help this holiday season


    PERRY, Ga. -- The American Red Cross said it needs your help to give the gift of life.

    The Christmas season can be a busy time of the year, but the need for blood is constant.

    Officials with the Red Cross want everyone to know that this is a great time to give back and a blood donation would be a good way to do that.

    "The Red Cross would like to encourage donors to come out and donate during the holiday season. We need about 13,000 units a day to service the hospitals nationwide. So it's always important to remind everyone during the giving season to always give back and to give the of life," said Tammy Bearden, a Red Cross employee in Perry.

    Bearden said if for some reason someone can't physically donate blood, they can still help by hosting a blood drive.

    Head here for more information about blood drives and helping the Red Cross.

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