Grandparent worries about access to Bibb schools if consolidation goes through

parent walking child to riley.jpg

MACON, Ga. -- The Bibb County School District presented its consolidation plan to parents and community members Tuesday night, and some are worried about what will happen.

The district currently has a five year facilities plan which includes the possibility of closing or consolidating some of its schools in an effort to improve facilities.

Superintendent Dr. Curtis Jones has previously said that elementary schools like L.H. Williams, Riley and Brookdale have excess classroom space. Approximately 11 percent of space is not being used currently.

A parent and grandparent of former students at Riley Elementary said closing the school would disrupt students' lives.

"It would make it harder for children who don't have easy access to the school to get about, and that's my biggest concern because many children have access to the school, and to take away their school now, it'd be devastating to them," said Rev. David Harden.

Dr. Jones said that he will take all the feedback from parents to draw up a recommendation for the Board of Education, which he plans to present during the December meeting.

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