GSP Deputy Commissioner elects to fire Sgt. Swicord for policy violations

GSP Deputy Commissioner Lt. Colonel Russell Powell fires Sgt. Swicord /Georgia State Patrol

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. -- The Deputy Commissioner of the Georgia State Patrol decided to fire SFC Blake Swicord on Wednesday after a months-long investigation found him in violation of several policies.

Lt. Col. Russell Powell released a memorandum stating that he chose to uphold Major Tommy Waldrop's proposal to terminate Swicord's employment effective Wednesday.

According to the memo, the general reasons for Swicord's dismissal are "misconduct, conduct reflecting discredit on the department, or insubordination."

Swicord's signature is on the memo as well.

In March, Swicord was placed on administrative leave with pay after violating a Department of Public Safety policy in which an FBI raid discovered that he sold guns to a restaurant owner with a criminal history.

Further investigation revealed that he violated other policies by using his work phone to exchange explicit texts with women and working security off-duty, among other things.

Major Tommy Waldrop with the GSP recommended firing Swicord in November. Swicord appealed that recommendation.

Powell's memo said that the decision he made Wednesday will conclude the proceeds and be the final action on the matter.

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