GSP: Wreck in Dodge County school zone sends 12 to the hospital


    DODGE COUNTY, Ga. -- Georgia State Patrol (GSP) said 12 people were injured Thursday in a wreck that happened in a school zone on Highway 341.

    The Georgia Department of Transportation first reported the incident around 4:30 p.m. GDOT added the wreck happened near South Dodge Elementary School in Eastman.

    According to GSP, a commercial motor vehicle drove into stopped traffic on the highway and hit several vehicles.

    The initial wreck forced a "chain reaction" which caused several other vehicles to run into each other, GSP said.

    The wreck ultimately involved 10 passenger vehicles and one tractor trailer.

    Twelve people were injured and taken to the emergency room, but GSP said none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

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