Hancock Co. residents, officials at odds over road that's in 'bad shape'

    Sandy Run Rd. in Hancock County/Claudia Coco (WGXA)

    HANCOCK COUNTY, Ga. -- Residents on one Hancock County road said every time it rains, it's almost impossible to drive in or get out.

    Sandy Run Rd. faces road wash out nearly every time it rains.

    "Usually when we call them, it's a time of crisis," said Laurie Bagwell.

    "I'm a nurse at a local hospital. I have to be able to get to and from work," said Kimberly Siatta.

    Resident Randy Abbott said homeowners on Sunday Run have, "called the county two or three times to come down here. If we can't get the county to come down here who's going to take care of us?"

    Bagwell is frustrated -- she's called the county several times over the past two weeks.

    "I think the excuse I get from them, is that they have over 200 dirt roads in Hancock County, and this is just one of them," she said.

    County clerk and road administrator Borderick Foster said they have over 250 miles of dirt road to get to with 13 road personnel and four motor grader operators.

    "It's not true. That road does get in bad shape and so do others. When you're in government you have to serve everyone and I can guarantee that we spend a lot of time in Sandy Run," said Foster.

    He said they have been to Sandy Run five times in six months. According to Foster, the county's most recent visit was December 12, to place gravel in some areas.

    "At least $150,000 since 2013 has been put in for rock for dirt roads," he said.

    Sandy Run residents Siatta and Abbott don't feel that way though.

    "It's not going to maintain our road. We have potholes on our road that are 18 inches deep," Siatta said.

    "I just want to know what our taxpayer money is paying for. I pay over $3,000 dollars a year in taxes down here and we can't even get any gravel," Abbott said.

    Foster said that unfortunately, to pave a dirt road from scratch is more than the county can afford right now.

    "To base grade and pave a dirt road from scratch, that's like $750,000 to $1,000,000 per mile," he said.

    Paving the road may not happen for years just because of how expensive it is, he added.

    WGXA News plans to keep following this story to see if the road conditions improves. We want you to be our eyes and ears in the community if you're dealing with an issue please call our tip hotline at 478-743-0742.

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