'He sees a movie': Bibb investigator's unique interview with serial killer Samuel Little

    Samuel Little arrest report in Macon in the 1970s/WGXA

    MACON, Ga. -- Samuel Little has confessed to over 93 murders -- two of which hit close to home.

    Bibb County Sheriff's Office Captain Shermaine Jones got to interview the man who confessed to the murders of Fredonia Smith and a Jane Doe over 35 years ago.

    Jones has worked in violent crimes for the Bibb County Sheriff's Office since 2006. "In working violent crimes, you discuss things like what it would be like to interview [convicted serial killers] Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy," Jones said.

    In September 2018, Jones got a call from the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. "To hear someone is confessing to a murder in 1982 sparked my interest," said Jones.

    He said it wasn't until later that law enforcement found out it was Samuel Little. Little has confessed to 93 homicides since October 2018 -- and has been convicted of three. Jones said he realized the importance of closing two 35-year-old cases.

    "I felt like a rookie detective," said Jones with a laugh. "I'll be flat honest, when Ranger Holland looked at me and goes, 'How do you feel about going in to talk to him?' It took me back to pretty much my first case of, 'Holy crap. What am I going to do?'"

    Jones said that Little read him from the moment he walked into the interview room. "The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was his charisma," he said. "He's a personality that he's very comfortable in his own setting."

    The first 30 minutes of their conversation was just talking about Macon, but Jones claimed that Little has a photographic memory and that the details he recalled were vivid.

    "He went back to that scene, that time frame, in his mind," said Jones. "He kind of perked up and 'Oh yeah, yeah, I remember that.' And you can see his eyes kind of fixate and he's looking like he sees a movie."

    Jones recalled how Little gave intricate details about jewelry and skin color. He said Little spoke of the Jane Doe like he saw her yesterday.

    "We showed him the facial reconstruction that the GBI had done and he got upset because it didn't look like her," said Jones.

    Those Macon cases are closed, but they're still looking to identify the Jane Doe found in 1977.

    "Closing a case like this -- to have a suspect, a person, a man that walks the earth like anyone else claim 93 homicides across the US -- for one, it shows there are many monsters that walk among us," said Jones.

    Jones said Little will most likely never be tried in Georgia because of a combination of his advanced age of 78, the fact that he's already serving three life sentences, and authorities are trying him by jurisdiction.

    The Jane Doe associated with this case was found in the woods off of Arkwright Road in Macon in 1977.

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