Health experts say remember 'FAST' to help stroke victims

Perry Smith (WGXA)

DUBLIN, Ga. -- For Stroke Awareness Month, health professionals at Fairview Park Hospital in Dublin have a few tips for teaching grandchildren to help spot a stroke.

"We try to give people a mnemonic to remember: FAST," said Dr. Travis Jasper, medical director of the hospital's emergency department.

The 'F' stands for facial drooping, the 'A' for weakness in the arms, the 'S' for speech impediments and the 'T' for time, because it's important to get the patient help as soon as possible.

"And in this day and age, 2018, where we have incredibly new technology - we have medications that can break up clots, we have procedures where we can go in and remove clots - that this is really important to really press the phone. Hit 911," said Jasper.

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