Ga. 53-year-old is only man in Western Hemisphere to beat cancer 5 times

    Andrew Kuzyk survived cancer five times. (WGXA/Brittany Collins)

    MCDONOUGH, Ga. (WGXA) - Andrew Kuzyk of McDonough looks like an ordinary 53-year-old man.

    What you may not know is how strong he is and how he survived cancer five times.

    "I have a healthy outlook on life, because I do believe the Lord and I believe the Lord heals," Kuzyk said of his battle with the disease.

    Doctors told Kuzyk he is the only man to beat cancer five times in the Western Hemisphere.

    He was first diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of 8.

    "They had to take about a quarter of an inch of my ear off. I'm glad he did, because kids would always make fun of me about the way I looked," Kuzyk said.

    Then at age 17, Kuzyk got cancer in his appendix. Doctors removed the organ before it ruptured.

    Later that year, he experienced leg pain and doctors discovered he had bone cancer in his leg.

    "It was just a matter of taking a bone saw and literally carving that piece of bone right out there," he said. "They sawed my leg in two and had to put my leg back together. It was a long recovery period."

    Then Kuzyk was diagnosed with stage-four melanoma when his dermatologist looked at moles on his back.

    He said faith and his wife, Pamela, help get him through tough times.

    "You can't get angry at the person, because they have this and they're putting your life out," Pamela said. "We're married. Whether we were or not, it still wouldn't matter."

    Most recently, Kuzyk survived kidney cancer and continues to live a full life.

    "Open your heart. Open your mind and talk about what's going on. There's healing in faith," Kuzyk said.

    Though Kuzyk is now cancer-free, he still deals with several health issues, such as diabetes, lupus, Alzheimer's, and he is in need of a double-knee replacement.

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