Hidden Figures Actress Inspires Middle Georgia Girls

CENTERVILLE, Ga. -- It's all about girl power, Karan Kendrick, supporting actress in Hidden Figures, speaks to Middle Georgia girls at the Galleria Cinema in Centerville.

Kendrick has been touring the country this past month talking ot girls about how they can change the world and about her new upcoming film hidden figures.

She knew she had to come back to her home, Fort Valley and talk to young girls there.

"It's really my duty to come back and share with my little sisters and say listen you are wonderful just the way you are." said Karan Kendrick

The new film Hidden Figures tells the true story about a team of African-American women helping provide NASA with important mathematical data.

Kendrick spoke to girls about the inspiration the characters can be for young girls overcoming obstacles.

"Collaboration is a good thing woman can work together and change the world and you know what things don't always go your way but that doesn't mean you stop." said Kendrick

Kendrick was first invited to speak at Delta Sigma Theta's red carpet event in Centerville by the Warner Robins alumni group president Velicia Lowe.

" We are thankful she came out and wanted to talk to the young ladies and just come out and celebrate this movie and the story it depicts."said Lowe

After Kendrick's talk the girls got a free copy of the book and watched the new movie on the big screen.

When growing up in middle Georgia Kendrick said she had amazing role models in the community so now it's her turn.

"Just paying it forward you know the wonderful people who have poured into my life it's my turn to pour into the lives of others." said Kendrick

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