Home relocations continue in Pleasant Hill neighborhood

MACON, Ga. -- Homes are on the move in the Pleasant Hill community .

It's part of a preservation effort to make way for the expansion of Interstate-75.

Moving a house takes plenty of prep work and strategy. Crews had to cut homes in half and load them onto beams. From there, some homes were driven on the corner of Forest Ave. and Sycamore St.

The project to preserve the homes is headed by the Macon-Bibb Community Enhancement Authority. Pleasant Hill was originally split in half by an interstate project in the 1960's and many in the community were unhappy about it.

This time, the community is involved in the decision making and saving historic structures.

"I think this is one of those testimonies when public entities listen to private citizens and come together with a plan then that plan moves a region forward and that's what we are bout to do and it's very very exciting indeed," said Rep. James Beverly, Chairman of the Community Enhancement Authority.

In addition to relocating homes, some other blighted and non-historically significant homes are being demolished. The Enhancement Authority plans to revitalize the Pleasant Hill neighborhood once the homes are moved. That includes new construction and bidding out on contracts for renovation to the relocated homes.

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