Houston Co. Sheriff's: 25 arrested, $2M worth of drugs seized in major bust

Top row (left to right): Cassie Mullis, Darlene Coffee, Darlene Correa-Olibera, Donald Chapman, Edward Lange, Esha Hill, Herschel Haslem, Jaason Sinyard. Middle Row: Clarence Bogan, Jeffrey Paulk, Jonathan Haslem, Joshua Janouski, Justin High, Laelin Verrett, LaTray McKenzie, Lori Willis. Bottom Row: Courtney Winn, Magali Garcia, Natalie Sinyard, Roy Wilburn Jr., Sanjuana Herrera, Shantae Howard, Tamika Hickey, Thomas Locke, Travis McKenzie

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ga – Houston County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday that 25 people are behind bars and more than $2 million in drugs have been seized after a two-year investigation into two middle Georgia drug trafficking organizations.

Lieutenant Kent Bankston with the Houston County Sheriff's Office says this is a huge win for them and for members of the Perry Police Department. Both have been working alongside the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on the investigation.

The investigation raked in massive amounts of narcotics, money, weapons and vehicles.

Deputies say they've seized more than $2 million of drugs, including: heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, prescription pills and marijuana.

Officials dismantled the "Travis Cyntelle McKenzie Drug Trafficking Organization" in June 2017. Around 120 people were identified as either distributors or purchasers of illegal drugs.

After search warrants were executed at 12 locations, these people were arrested:

  • Travis Cyntelle McKenzie, 37, Warner Robins
  • Tamika LaShawn Hickey, 35, Warner Robins
  • Latray Cyntelle McKenzie, 19, Warner Robins
  • Kaelin Michael Verrett, 23, Warner Robins
  • Shantae Moneka Howard, 37, Warner Robins
  • Clarence Bogan, 39, Warner Robins
  • Jonathan Haslem, 37, Warner Robins
  • Herschel Alfred Haslem, 35, Warner Robins
  • Thomas Jeffrey Locke, 52, Warner Robins
  • Esha Robert Hill, 28, Warner Robins
  • Justin Tremaine High, 31, Warner Robins
  • Magali Garcia, 27, Austell
  • Sanjuana Herrera, 27, Marietta
  • Darlene Correa-Olibera, 28, Lawrenceville

Officials seized $2,023,751.30 in drugs from this bust, including:

  • Heroin: 1,984.78 grams -- $347,336.50
  • Methamphetamine: 4,889.53 grams -- $391,162.40
  • Fentanyl: 6,000 grams -- $600,000
  • Crack Cocaine: 955.85 grams -- $191,170
  • Marijuana: 24,401.12 grams -- $488,022.40
  • Xanax: 1,176 dosage units -- $5,880
  • Tramadol: 36 dosage units -- $180

Officials also seized $232,528.81 in currency, 11 vehicles, 20 pistols, one shotgun and six rifles.

Lt. Bankston says cutting off a drug organization like this one won't just stop drugs, but will also help them get a handle on all other crime.

"It's hugely important because this type of activity leads to other types of criminal activity, and you know it just creates more work for us when we can't try to keep a control on the drug activity and as far as what's going on with the drug dealers," said Lt. Bankston.

Officials dismantled the "Joshua Adam Janouski Drug Trafficking Organization" in June 2018. Around 40 people were identified as either distributors or purchasers of illegal drugs.

After search warrants were executed at 14 locations, these people were arrested:

  • Joshua Adam Janouski, 40, Warner Robins
  • Courtney Michelle Winn, 24, Warner Robins
  • Roy Chester Wilburn Jr., 55, Warner Robins
  • Cassie Nichole Mullis, 34, Hawkinsville
  • Jaason Allen Sinyard, 44, Perry
  • Natalie Odell Sinyard, 46, Perry
  • Donald Arhtur Chapman, 57, Fort Valley
  • Darlene Carole Coffee, 61, Perry
  • Edward Jay Lange, 61, Macon
  • Jeffrey Buchannan Paulk, 49, Warner Robins
  • Lori Anne Willis, 57, Warner Robins

Officials seized $87,360 in methamphetamine during the June 2018 bust. They also seized $5,240 in currency, four pistols, four rifles, one shotgun and 16 vehicles.

Lt. Bankston said his team has worked countless hours of overtime to make these arrests happen.

Deputies say more arrests and prosecutions are pending in both cases as they continue to investigate.

Bibb County investigators, Peach County investigators, Byron investigators and the Pulaski Sheriff's Office also contributed to this investigation and bust.

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