How workers weather extreme middle Georgia summer heat


    MACON, Ga. -- There are some tips, tricks and techniques those who work outside use to stay cool in this extreme heat.

    “I did it for one summer," Ottis Hickox said. "And with the heat and tearing the shingles up, I decided that was not the work I wanted to do."

    Hickox says he knows all to well how that Georgia sun can pack a punch. For many that work outdoors, the sweat and heat is all part of the job.

    Pyramid Roofing representative Shane Shaffer says it’s all about timing when it comes to heat.

    “Two weeks ago we let the guys take off for the week because it was a horrible heat wave that came through," he said. "And we didn’t want to risk anyone suffering from heat exhaustion or anything.”

    Hickox says he tries to help out the crews working on his house whenever he can.

    “Try to give them a case of water, any ice that they need," he says. "I got an extra cooler with ice in it just in case they need it.”

    Shaffer says his crew's health is his priority -- making sure they take breaks and hydrate.

    “I always make sure they have two cases of water to start the day," Shaffer says. "They will run through it within a couple of hours."

    Hickox says as a community, it is important we all look out for each other.

    "Be considerate to them," he says. "I mean, you know they are doing something for you. I know you're paying them, but still, they are doing work for you that you either can't do yourself or don't want to do yourself."

    Also, doctor Randal Sugerman says some key signs people who work or play outside should look out for are:

    • extreme fatigue
    • excessive sweating
    • any muscle cramping of the arms, legs or abdominal muscles

    Doctor Sugerman says if this condition is not treated very quickly, it can progress to heat stroke, which he says is a deadly situation.

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