Howard High investigates potential weapon threat, says 'no cause for concern'


MACON, Ga. -- Howard High School says it will administer extra campus police Thursday after a potential weapon threat from a student was shared multiple times on Facebook Wednesday evening. However, the school says the situation has been investigated and there is no cause for concern.

In a release Thursday morning, Howard High School said:

"On Wednesday evening, Howard High students shared a post on Facebook warning students of a potential threat at Howard High School on Thursday. The post, which stated that a student would be bringing a weapon to campus and that students should not attend school Thursday, was shared multiple times on Facebook.

The school’s administration and Campus Police were immediately notified of the potential threat Wednesday evening and they reached out to those involved to investigate.

We’d like to share with you that there is no validity to the threat or social media posting. A student from Howard High wrote a poem that was shared as an assignment in class. The poem, which spoke about suicide, was intended to be a message against bullying. In the poem, the student never mentioned bringing a weapon to school. Additionally, the school’s administration has spoken with the student and parents, and there is absolutely no cause for concern."

The school says extra campus police will be making rounds throughout the day.

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