'It's been a pain': Crawford Co. residents out of grocery store options

This Piggly Wiggly - Crawford County's last grocery store - closed down in 2016/Evan Watson (WGXA)

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ga. -- Crawford County's last grocery store - a Piggly Wiggly - closed down in 2016.

Residents were hoping a new Dollar General would fill the void, but there's still a big need for fresh produce.

Now, unless citizens want to drive to Macon or Fort Valley, that Dollar General is the only grocery store option.

"It's been a pain. This one just opened not long ago and other than that we didn't have anything," said resident Penny Plunkett.

People in Crawford County say the limited options are changing what they eat.

"It affects your diet because you end up eating more - snack foods," said resident Joy Crouch.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say the same thing. A CDC report released this week claims 34 percent of adults in rural areas are obese - compared to 28 percent of adults in other areas.

According to the report, less access to fresh food is one of the reasons obesity rates are higher in the country.

Plunkett said, "everybody wants more healthy food but...Not around here!"

In Crawford County, the battle to bring back a grocery store continues. People say they're driving 20 miles each way to these other cities, and it would save them a lot of money to have one close by.

"No it don't I mean I really don't know why we can't get a grocery store. It would be nice to have one here," Plunkett said.

Some people are taking action here. Some local restaurants and farmers are selling produce sporadically throughout the month, but a stable grocery store with consistent hours remains out of reach.

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