'It's just so dangerous': A Georgia CHAMP worker on what to do, what not to do in the rain

Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Georgia's Coordinated Highway Assistance Maintenance Program (CHAMP) has been busy lately helping out midstate drivers in the rain.

CHAMP is a state program meant to assist drivers left stranded because of a broken down car or flat tire and can be reached by calling 511 - but Ronnie McNorton said they've gotten calls recently about hydroplaning vehicles, standing water and multi-car accidents.

"You know when the road gets wet with the way it is people think they can still run 80 plus miles, but they can't. They may do it for a while but you are going to hydroplane it's just so dangerous to drive that fast," said McNorton.

If this happens, don't hit the breaks - just hold onto tightly to the steering wheel and try to guide the vehicle in the right direction.

On Tuesday McNorton responded to eight different weather-related incidents in the Macon area.

"We want you you to drive alert and arrive alive, the reason its so important is because when it starts raining the conditions of the road change so we want you to slow down and get home," he said.

He said the best thing drivers can do is slow down and leave plenty of space between them and other cars.

"It's just so dangerous to drive that fast, number one visibility is low, the car up in front of you may be going slower then you are and you may not have time to react," he said.

Sometimes losing control of a car means winding up in a ditch, he added. If that happens and a driver can't get out, they should call 911.

"It depends on where you're at, some of them can be 4 foot some of them can be 5 foot depends on the amount of rain you're getting and what kind of ditch you're in," McNorton said.

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