'It's rough': Monroe, Lamar counties begin cleanup process from weekend storms

A tree fell through Dr. Carl Lane's Lamar County farmhouse during this weekend's storms/Matt Mackie (WGXA)

LAMAR COUNTY, Ga. -- Severe weather in Monroe and Lamar counties have forced some to start rebuilding after thunderstorms swept through the area this weekend.

The severe thunderstorms brought wind gusts as fast at 60 miles per hour, snapping trees in the process.

One tree fell through Dr. Carl Lane's Lamar County farmhouse.

"There was so much rain the past few weeks that the ground, it was just mush," said Lane.

Joshua Sykes with Doug Acree Grading Service removes fallen trees for a living, but even he was surprised by the storm's damage.

"Lot of trees down, it's rough. Darndest thing I've see this year," said Sykes.

The violent storm had Lamar County deputies patrolling the area to make sure everyone was safe.

"The alarm went off and they didn't know where I was but they found out who owned it and tracked me down at 2:30 in the morning," Lane said.

Cleanup is underway and crews are still working to restore power. For some in the area, the relief can't come soon enough.

"We have dairy farms near us, they're extremely dependent on power. All their refrigeration and milking equipment and everything," Lane said.

Although some residents of Lamar and Monroe counties will be in the dark Monday night, they have their safety to smile about.

Lane said, "biggest thing is everybody's okay, and we'll be around to fight another day!"

Southern Rivers Energy services the two counties. According to its website, 205 residents are still without power across Monroe, Lamar and Upson counties.

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