Jasento Flowers Sentenced to Life in Prison for Wife's Murder

MACON, Ga.-- A jury found Jasento Flowers guilty on all counts in the murder of his wife.

A judge sentenced him to life in prison following hours of emotional testimony from Bridgette Flowers' children.

Investigators said Jasento Flowers shot his wife Bridgette Flowers February 22, 2014 as she sat in the driver's seat of her minivan in East Macon.

She died at the scene and two others were hurt in the shooting.

Flowers' daughter Tiaro Moore testified Monday she was in the van during the murder.

"he grabbed a gun then he shot it", said Moore.

The prosecutor asked more if the bullet hit anyone.

Moore replied, It hit my momma and she fell. After he shot her I jumped to the front".

Bridgette Flowers' son Deontress Moore testified he spoke to Jasento Flowers on the phone shortly after the murder.

"He laughed. He said 'I killed her'. To him it was just a laughing matter", Moore said.

The defense questioned each witness in the trail to see if their statements agreed with their comments to police at the time of the murder.

Some of the witnesses contradicted their earlier statements.

The prosecution also showed surveillance video of flowers knocking bridgette unconscious at a Walmart on Valentine's day 2014, proof they say of a violent relationship.

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