Keep your home toasty warm this winter at little or no cost

    Victoria De Cardenas (WGXA)

    Being home for the holidays is meant to be cozy and warm, but that means your bill may be higher than you expected.

    All summer we worry about our electricity bill, and in the fall we worry about our gas bill - but there are ways to save on your bill for free.

    According to Georgia Power there are easy steps to cut your bill down without having to compromise on comfort. The simplest way is setting your thermostat.

    "You want to keep your thermostat on 68 degrees. Every degree you bump it up, you'll pay a little more for your energy cost, about three to four percent," said Theresa Robinson, regional external affairs manager at Georgia Power.

    To add extra warmth in your home, open all blinds to let in the sun’s natural heat, and then turn on your fan and have it rotate counterclockwise.

    “If you have ceiling fans in your home, you can set them so they can turn counterclockwise, which helps distribute the warm air in the winter throughout your home. But make sure you only use that ceiling fan when you are home," Robinson said.

    You can also rearrange your furniture away from heating vents, since heat can get trapped in furniture like your couch and prevent it from distributing around your home.

    Once you do that, keep the doors inside your home open, which helps let the warmth spread across your home.

    But once the sun is down, close any drapery to help trap the heat already inside. And one last place to check to save money is in your water heater.

    “You want to set them at 120 degrees year-round," Robinson said.

    The best way to stay warm is to keep extra blankets around the house and bundle up!

    Another thing to check is your windows and doors. Make sure they are properly sealed to prevent any air from escaping. Your local hardware store sells seals for a few dollars.

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