Keith Dozier Sentenced to Life for 2012 Murder of Gail Spencer

    MACON, Ga.-- A jury found Keith Dozier guilty on all counts against him Thursday afternoon.

    He faces life in prison for participating in the trapping and killing of Gail Spencer in 2012.

    On the second full day of Keith Dozier's murder trial, Dozier took the stand in his own defense.

    Dozier is accused of killing Macon legal clerk Gail Spencer in 2012 at her home in Bibb County.

    Investigators said Dozier and three other people serving life sentences in the case murdered Spencer, because she was going to tell on one of her co-workers who she suspected of stealing money from the law firm there they both worked.

    When Dozier testified in his own defense, he said Michael Kelly would hurt him if he tried to stop Kelly from killing Spencer.

    Dozier admitted to being involved in the murder plot, and said he tried to talk Kelly out of murdering Spencer.

    However, Dozier said Kelly had a gun, so he did not do anything except watch the crime.

    Michael Kelly, Courtney Kelly, and Tracy Jones are all serving life sentences for their convictions in Spencer's killing.

    Dozier was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 20 years.

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