Laurens Co. residents vote on commission, board of education seats


LAURENS COUNTY, Ga. -- Laurens County residents voted on two commission seats and two board of education seats on Tuesday.

Kevin Tanner is the new District 5 Commissioner, Brenda Chain won as District 1 Commissioner and Kevin Malone (District 4) and Kathy Sweat (District 1) won seats for the Laurens County Board of Education.

Kathy Sweat, Doug Bridges, Bill Crooms and Kevin Malone all ran for the Laurens County Board of Education.

Two Republicans ran for the District 5 commission seat while two Democratic candidates ran for the District 1 commission seat in Laurens County.

District 1 candidates were Demetrice Hollis and Brenda Chain, while District 5 candidates were Dwayne Edge and Kevin Tanner ran.

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