Local family honors mother's legacy of keeping kids warm

Coat and Sock Drive / Ronshad Berry (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- A Middle Georgia woman started a coat and sock drive to keep kids warm during the cold months.

Debra Patterson Curry, who began the coat drive, was a longtime employee with the Bibb County School District.

She passed away two years ago in a motorcycle accident, but her family and friends keep her memory alive by continuing to give back.

"She was a carrier here and she would see kids in need so she just wanted her group to give back," said Curry's daughter Demeiko Vaughn.

After her death, Curry's family and the motorcycle club G-ryderZ worked together to bring coats to local kids.

The group donated the coats and socks to selected students at Ingram-Pye Elementary and Southfield Elementary on Wednesday.

"We had enough coats to make sure that when the kids come in, they left out and they were comfortable and they actually enjoyed and loved the coat they had on," Vaughn said.

"It's a great honor and we're going to continue to do it in her honor," said Charlie Fuller with G-ryderZ.

Vaughn said she knows her mother is looking down on them enjoying every moment that her legacy lives on.

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