Local man booked for theft by taking and prostitution

Marquiza Rishard Jenkins/Bibb County Sheriff's Office

MACON, Ga. -- The Bibb County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of a residential burglary at 945 Log Cabin Way on Saturday, Jan. 6.

According to a report from the sheriff's office, the responding deputy came into contact with an individual walking down Hillcrest Ave. carrying two large duffel bags. The deputy stopped this person and learned that the individual's name was Marquiza Jenkins and that he was coming from Green Meadows Apartment.

While standing with Jenkins, the report states that someone yelled to the deputy, "Officer, that's him." The deputy told Jenkins that he was going to detain him for both of their safety and was able to do so without incident.

According to the report, Jenkins stated that the complainant allowed him to stay at Green Meadows Apartment occasionally and that the complainant was angry because Jenkins refused to engage in sexual relations with him prior to calling the sheriff's office.

The complainant confirmed that he allowed Jenkins to stay at his apartment sometimes, and stated that Jenkins told him that he knew of $200 in another tenant's room that he wanted.

The report states that the complainant said that after arguing with Jenkins, he went to a gas station to use the phone because Jenkins took his cell phone.

According to the report, after the responding investigator arrived on the scene and interviewed Jenkins, he was transported to the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center and booked for theft by taking and prostitution.

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