Macon Bacon hold Military Appreciation Night

The Macon Bacon are playing to win at Luther Williams Field Saturday. But for two players, this game hold special significance.

"When I graduate, I'm going to be a second lieutenant in the Air Force. I'm going to stay there for at least five years, just doing something that I want, then hopefully I might stay in longer," said pitcher John Byrnes.

It's military appreciation night at Luther Williams Field. Nathan Styles and John Bynes both come from the Air Force Academy.

"Veterans, POW's, MIA's, we need to make sure that, especially tonight that we're making sure that we're remembering those guys," said pitcher Nathan Styles.

Service men and women are actually honored at every Bacon game.

"In the middle of all of our games we appreciate the military. We all stand and take our hats off for them so I think it's just sort of an everyday thing but today is a larger scale of what that is," Byrnes said.

Both players share a military background, and a pitcher's mound. They both enjoy the break baseball gives them, but tonight is a reminder of why they're going to serve.

"It's nice to kind of have that small break away from the Academy and military lifestyle and being able to enjoy really what we're going to be protecting in 4 years is making sure that everyone can enjoy these things," Styles said.

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