Macon-Bibb County and California Skateparks, Inc. hold forum to discuss Phase II design

Locals were invited to attend the public forum to discuss Phase II design of the renovations at Central City Skatepark/David Domingue (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- Macon-Bibb County and California Skateparks, Inc. held a public forum on Monday, Dec. 11 to discuss Central City Skate Park's Phase II design.

Robert Walker, Director of Recreation for Macon-Bibb County Government, said, "We have skaters, we have a lot of skaters here in Macon and I did not know just how many we had until we started building the park. But it gives them the opportunity to test their skills going from 4 feet for our beginners to 9 feet for the advanced skaters."

The meeting was held via video conference, and California Skateparks revealed the first designs they developed so they could collect feedback from the skating community.

Walker said, "It is giving the skaters what they want. That is why we asked them to come in with an idea of what they would want to see when putting the bowl in. The worst thing to do is to build a skate park that no one is going to use, so that is why we look to them for their expertise to help give us advise on how the design for this bowl."

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