Macon-Bibb residents eager to begin recycling initiative

    Starting on January 4th, every home in Macon-Bibb County will have the chance to have curbside pickup for recyclables.

    On November 17th, the Macon-Bibb County Commission approved plans to expand recycling and changes to garbage pickup service. Since then, the government center's phone lines have been ringing all day long.

    Since November 1st, 182 Macon-Bibb County residents have been calling the line to ask how they could get the new 65-gallon recycling bin.

    "I think everybody needs to recycle because the landfill is already filled up," said Macon-Bibb resident Prency Poke.

    On Monday alone, at least 71 people called ready to get rid of their 18-gallon bin.

    Starting on January 4th, every home will have the chance to have curbside pickup for recyclables. This is something residents have been questioning for years.

    "Currently its only on a voluntarily basis," said Solid Waste Department Director Kevin Barkley. "We are going to be reading out programs to enhance the recycling efforts that we're making. But the residents who are calling are very excited and can't wait to get started with a larger container."

    Yard waste will be picked up from every home on a weekly basis.

    With recycling starting in January, Macon-Bibb residents will pay $20 per month for trash collection, and officials project that the initiative will help with the issue of the rapidly-filling landfill.

    "This is going to help us increase the amount that we recycle for Bibb County overall, which will also help to control our cost in the near future with landfill disposal," Barkley said.

    Some Bibb County residents say they might have to change their views on recycling with this expansion.

    "I never really thought about doing it. But since I drink a lot of water and there's a lot of water bottles. Instead of throwing them in the trash, I can just put them in the recycling bin or something like that," said Macon-Bibb resident Alexia Newsome.

    To order a new bin, download the See-Click-Fix app from the App Store or call Macon-Bibb Customer Service at (478)751-7400.

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