Macon holds summit to tackle pedestrian deaths

People pack Pedestrian Fatality Summit (Perry Smith, WGXA News)

MACON, Ga. -- Macon is the second deadliest city in the state for pedestrians behind Augusta. But on Tuesday people from across the community got together to try to turn that trend around.

The city sponsored its first pedestrian fatality summit.

One tool they hope to use is Vision Zero.

It combines creating pedestrian-friendly areas with driver and pedestrian education to improve safety.

It creates a special focus on turns and intersections because those are especially dangerous.

Nancy White, Macon Bibb Health Department says, “Vision Zero is actually a concept born in Europe that is spreading across the U.S., and what it stands for is zero deaths, zero injuries are acceptable and we are going to down to that rate in Macon. We do not want to see another pedestrian fatality that is preventable.

A special pedestrian fatality committee started meeting last year but this is the first community-wide summit.

The idea is to bring together just about anyone with ideas to make a difference.

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