Macon man arrested after he 'sucker punched', attacked victim with fork

Photo courtesy: Bibb County Sheriff's Office

MACON, Ga. -- A Macon man was arrested for aggravated assault on Monday after he reportedly "sucker punched" a man in the face.

A sheriff's report says Bibb County deputies went to the Corner Grocery Store at 2057 Walnut St. shortly after 3 p.m. to talk with the victim.

The victim alleged that 51-year-old Gene Butler met with him inside the convenience store and asked to speak with him outside. The victim said they left the store to talk, and Butler reportedly punched him in the face outside shortly afterwards. Butler also allegedly scratched the victim around his collar bone with a fork during the fight, which the victim showed to deputies.

The store manager showed deputies surveillance footage of the alleged incident, which showed Butler punching the victim in the face before a fight broke out. The sheriff's report says Butler and the victim can be seen "exchanging punches," before the victim gets knocked down to the ground.

Surveillance footage also reportedly showed Butler holding onto the fork in his mouth so he could "use both hands for the altercation." Butler reportedly kicked the victim "multiple times" while he was on the ground, then grabbed the fork from his mouth and swung at the victim with it.

According to the report, the camera footage showed the store's manager pushing Butler away from the victim, who was able to stand up and kick the fork away.

Deputies reported that Butler showed up to the scene shortly after watching the video. Butler told deputies he came back because he'd gotten phone calls that the sheriff's office had arrived at the Corner Grocery Store.

Butler reportedly claimed he'd come back to talk with the victim and admitting to fighting with him because "there was a rumor going around that [Butler] was fooling around with a woman that [the victim] was interested in." According to the report, Butler claimed the victim had been harassing and stalking him. Butler admitted to eating a hamburger with a fork when the victim arrived at the Corner Grocery Store, but denied using it during the fight.

Deputies arrested Butler for aggravated assault and took him to the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center.

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