Marketing expert: Macy's didn't listen to their customers


One day after Macy's announced its plans to close about 100 stores, digital marketers predict other brick and mortar style stores could be at risk if they don't listen to their customers.

The move comes as Macy's revealed its second-quarter sales fell less than feared.

With shoppers finding more attractive deals online and having an entire store at their finger tips, traditional ways of shopping have changed.

Chief Marketing Officer Peter Gold with e-commerce giant Market America/SHOP.COM said Macy's didn't listen to their customers.

"When you hear that they--there was inability to attract customers to their stores, yet they continued to open them and they struggled to adapt to consumers changing shopping patterns," Gold said. "This team was just following the wrong business model and not listening to their customers and as a result their now being reactive instead of proactive."

The only Macy's store to close in Georgia is in Decatur.

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