May Board of Education Post 8 candidates speak at NAACP political forum

May Board of Education Post 8 candidates speak at NAACP political forum (Shannon Lilly / WGXA News)

MACON, Ga. -- The NAACP hosted a political forum for candidates of Magistrate Judge, Board of Education, and Macon Water Authority at the Government Center Monday.

Macon resident, Alan Thiese came to Monday's candidate forum to make an informed vote when election day comes.

"We the voters are actually employing these people for public service," said Thiese.

He said safety should be the first priority in Bibb County Schools.

"If it takes metal detectors, one door, people getting to school a little earlier -- but if we can't protect our children we have no business trying to educate them and putting them in harms way."

School safety is exactly what Dr. Wanda West said she plans to focus on if re-elected in May. She said that can be accomplished through character education and more parent involvement.

"I'd really like to see us have a more pronounced program on character education. But I'd love for that character education to be connected to the parents --maybe in a parent university of some sort," said West.

Lisa Garrett is challenging Dr. West as a competitor for Board of Education Post Eight.

Garrett said she wants to improve graduation rates in Bibb County.

"Hopefully getting some more early childhood education so kids can be ready for school -- which would in turn increase the graduation rate. We know that if children get a good start at Pre-K than they actually graduate more," said Garrett.

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