Mentor, musician honored at Tubman Museum celebration

Jimmy Mills was honored at a celebration Friday night at the Tubman Museum. (David Domingue/WGXA)

Macon, Ga - Friday night was a time for celebration at the Tubman Museum in downtown Macon, as family and friends of Jimmy Mills praised his impact on Middle Georgia.

"Well Jimmy impacted Macon through his music because he is one of the founding fathers of the jazz organization they have here," event coordinator William Bryant said.

Mills has worked in education and for the U.S. Post Office for 40 years. He is a choral and voice master, a veteran and has spent 26 years with the Adopt-A-Role Model Program.

Mills played in the Army band and returned to Macon to start a band. Bryant said music is just a part of Mills' legacy.

Dozens celebrated Mills' achievements at the event, saying he's helped many kids in this area and continues to influence the community around him.

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