Mercer Law offers help to DACA recipients

Law students assist during the Mercer Law DACA renewal clinic. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA) 

MACON, Ga. -- Mercer Law school offers a free renewal clinic to help DACA recipients submit their application by the October 5th deadline.

Earlier this month President Donald Trump announced that he will rescind DACA or also known as the Deffered Action for Childhood arrivals.

The immigration program protects some immigrants who came to the U.S. as children from deportation.

Mercer Law student Jocelyn Calvillos's family is from Mexico.

She said becoming an immigration lawyer will help her give back to her community.

"When ever it has to do with the Latino community and it's something referring to DACA I just immediately knew I needed to do something, only because for me personally I feel like they are as american as I am," said Calvillo.

Saturday afternoon, she along with other volunteers and an attorney helped DACA recipients fill out their renewal form.

This protects the recipients from facing deportation for the next two years.

Right now only recipients whose benefits expire between September 5th of 2017 and March 5th of 2018 can qualify for the October 5th deadline.

"A lot of people were unsure of whether or not they were going to be able to renew after that March 5th deadline. It was very heartbreaking to have to tell them as of now, there is nothing else they can do," Calvillo said.

President Trump is now leaving it up to congress to pass a law for the thousands of young immigrants in the country.

Jennifer Moore, a Macon immigration lawyer, said in the mean time DACA recipients should consult with their lawyer about their options.

"Even though their DACA is expiring they may have other options that are available to them and they can take advantage of and sometimes people don't even know what their options maybe," said Moore.

People came from as far as Eatonton to Mercer to get a free consultation.

Moore said she wanted to help out all the DACA recipients who are apart of the Middle Georgia Community.

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