Mercer University professor Hani Khoury on Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capital

Professor of mathematics Hani Khoury discusses President Trump's announcement on Wednesday to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital/Carlos Stephens (WGXA)

MACON, Ga. -- After formally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital on Wednesday, President Trump asserted that the decision was a way to further the goal of peace in the Middle East.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu applauded President Trump's announcement.

Mercer University professor of mathematics Hani Khoury discussed the impact of the president's recognition on Wednesday.

"Right now, the President has made the decision to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And I think that the country, as a whole, is not quite sure if this is the right decision or not," said Khoury.

Khoury said that this decision could leave some in the region feeling as though the peace process has been left in danger.

"It has been facing a lot of challenges. Making this move could complicate things even further," he said.

Khoury warned that retaliation of some kind needs to be considered in the wake of Wednesday's decision, due to the unrest it could cause, but suggested against war as a future action.

"I don't think the countries in the Middle East right now are in the mood for a war," Khoury said.

Asked if what he thought of America's role in the peace process, Khoury described it as complicated.

"Well I think that the position of the American government and America as a whole, as a leading country in the world, will be seen as a complicating factor toward achieving peace," he said.

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