Mercer Village mural tells story about civil rights throughout history

Mercer Village Mural displays civil rights history. Jennifer Munoz (WGXA)

MACON, Ga.-- A blank wall along Coleman Ave. in Mercer Village was transformed into an art piece.

The artists behind the new mural is Joerael Elliott. He said the mural tells the story of African Americans standing up for their rights.

"A lot of it is about modern times and activism or standing up for something and you know our bodies are apart of that process," said Elliott.

Elliott blended civil rights history with modern times. The mural shows the images of black civil war soldiers: Martin Delany, a major during the civil war; Sam Oni, Mercer's first black student; Rosa Parks; and black athletes kneeling.

The Mercer University Art Department worked closely with Elliot to incorporate local ties.

"Traditionally in public art it's always a good idea to think about the site that you are putting an art work and Joerael was very keen on that," said Craig Coleman an art professor at Mercer University.

The mural project is part of the Art in The Park series, an initiative to bring more art to the College Hill area in Macon.

""It brings color and a more contemporary vibe with the style of the mural to this area and I think that is one of the highlights of the mural," Coleman said.

The mural is also part of a bigger initiative called mobilize walls. All across the country murals have been painted and when put together they would be the same length as the proposed border wall.

"A metaphorical wall that is larger then an actual wall that and art tends to bring people together rather then separate," Coleman said.

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